Protein powder shakes are awesome for those who like to stay fit and lean.

They’re especially great for those who are doing bodybuilding seriously.

But unfortunately, it’s not for everybody.

Whey powder drinks can be harmful to those with allergies because it doesn’t get accepted by the chemical compounds of the body.

Whey is a part of a milk-based product that stays as soon as the milk curdles.


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Not all people can tolerate its presence in their body, which causes an allergic reaction.

Contrary to popular belief that you could only tell if you are allergic to it is when you take an allergy test, there are other signs that would help you determine it immediately.

Knowing the signs saves you time going to the doctor and it could even save you money.

However, you are not discouraged too see a doctor if you really want to be sure about it.

For the meantime, here are four signs that you may be allergic to your whey protein powder and might want to consider non-dairy protein powders instead:


1. Signs In The Abdomen:


Usually, your abdominal area would give it away if you are allergic to whey.

People who are suffering from lactose intolerance are often the ones who need to stay away from it.

If you are experiencing stomach cramps or diarrhea after taking in some of your whey protein powder, then take these as signs that you are allergic to it.

The feeling of being bloated and having excessive gas come out of your bottom are also signs that your body cannot take in whey.

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2. Signs In The Skin:


Some people could immediately detect they are allergic to whey the minute they open the container of their whey protein powder.

Inhaling it alone could cause some reactions and you could see it in your skin.

If you start developing rashes or hives, then take that as a huge sign that you are allergic to it.

Don’t even wait to drink it because you won’t want to risk it.


3. Numbness:


Others allergic reactions to whey involve not feeling anything with your hands the minute the substance enters your system.

You must be a keen observer when it comes to this, especially if you know that you are someone who has food allergies or are prone to it.


4. Swollen Lips and Tongue:


If your tongue starts to swell along with your lips, then you are allergic to your whey protein powder.

You need to take antihistamine quickly when this happens.

All of these allergic reactions are totally avoidable but if you are already in that situation, you must know the right antihistamine to take so you could save yourself from further damaging your body.

You must be warned that this is crucial because food allergy could even be fatal if not properly attended to.

The good news is there are plenty of non-dairy protein powders available with just as much protein if not more than whey. There are plenty of flavours available and you can’t even tell the difference.

If you have had an allergic reaction to whey please let us know about it in the comments.


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