Yoga pants were made to for yoga…

It seems these days under the active wear revolution more and more people are wearing yoga pants simply as a fashion statement.

yoga-pantsIt’s not uncommon to see ladies out shopping or going on outings to the mall donning their skin tight yoga pants…

Which is understandable. They look great and are extremely comfortable.

The bad news is some people who wear them all the time have been running into some health issues…


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Yoga pants are largely to blame for some of the following issues…

  • They can cause a rash
  • They can cause itchiness that is very uncomfortable
  • They cause folliculitis that is a hair follicle inflammation.
    This condition is also caused by using dirty linen or towels or shaving with an old razor.
  • They are a breeding ground for a host of different bacteria due to their tightness and the resulting warm environment yoga pants create.
  • Bacteria can cause yeast infections.
  • Yoga pants cause sweat to accumulate after exercise or even wearing them during the day. The design and tightness of yoga pants do not allow for sweat to evaporate normally.


So why are so many people obsessed with wearing yoga pants when they’re not doing Yoga? Sure they look great if you have a rocking body but not everyone can pull them off with grace and style…

That being said there are of course great advantages to donning the “skin tights”

They’re great at the gym and wearers don’t have to be limited to yoga. Most people like having tight fitting clothing when doing their workouts…

They allow great freedom when doing your workout but it’s always a good idea to change into loose fitting clothing once you’ve finished your workout.