It doesn’t matter what you’re doing at the gym.

Whether you’re bulking, cutting or training cardio… Creatine is something you should be doing some research on if you want to get the best results from your training.

Without dropping too much science jargon on you, creatine is a naturally occurring substance that the body uses to supply energy to the muscles. It helps with fluid retention in the cells which helps prevent lactic acid build up (in other words cramping) which helps muscles to perform longer and heal quicker.

Why Should I Use Creatine?…

Creatine is a well known supplement in the fitness and body building communities. Coming in various forms the most popular always seems to be in powder form as it can be mixed in with regular protein supplements.

This makes it easy to measure out the correct amount and consume. Along with this there are also a myriad of other benefits introducing creatine into your supplements will have…


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By reducing the effects of lactose build up in muscles, athletes are able to train at a higher intensity for longer periods of time. This means a greater performance and more gains as a result.


Creatine has been studied in recent years to determine it’s muscle regeneration properties post exercise. A study of 34 athletes in 2004 running a 30 kilometre race showed that the participants who introduced creatine into their supplementation recovered faster than participants who had not. They concluded that creatine reduced muscle cell damage and inflammation following exercise.

The benefit here is that you can recover faster and train more often as a result.

Enhanced Brain Function:

Obviously known for it’s muscle building properties, creatine is often overlooked for it’s other benefits including enhanced brain function, specifically short term memory. Researchers put this to the test by administering a group of volunteers, all with a vegetarian and vegan diet (as they had low creatine intake) with a placebo and a dose of creatine.

The volunteers were then all assessed on their verbal memory capacity. Volunteers who had been given creatine showed improved short term memory and were better able to problem solve under pressure.

Great for Vegetarians or Vegans:

Traditionally vegetarians have lower creatine levels than those that eat meat. To improve performance and gains many vegetarians opt to include creatine into their supplementation to help with vegetarian supplementationtheir rigorous training routines.

Is it safe to use?

Creatine has had it’s share of controversy in the supplement industry but it is not alone…

It has been shown that if used correctly it is not only one of the safer supplements to use but it also provides excellent results. To learn more about how creatine can help with your training check out this product description.


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