So you’ve made the decision to lose weight or cut out sugar or start exercising, but it’s no point starting mid way through the day so you put it off until tomorrow.   You wake bright eyed and busy tailed the next day with all good intentions and then someone or something crops up and puts temptation in your way so you allow yourself just one more day of self indulgence and decide to start again… tomorrow!!

The following morning you then convince yourself there is no point starting mid way through the week,  so you allow the rest of the week eating everything you can get your hands on and not doing one ounce of exercise because you will start on Monday!

You may be able to relate to this, I certainly can…the problem is that day never arrives, there is always something getting in the may even be a few days into your new healthy regime and had one treat or missed one training session and this sparks a major blow out and a promise to start again tomorrow, after eating everything you can get your eyes onto!!

The thing is it can be really hard to get started especially when you have a busy lifestyle and have formed some bad habits.  I have put together some golden rules  to help you  to kick start the new healthy you today.

1:  Start Today:

In fact start straight away..As soon as you have made the decision to lose weight, tone up or get fit, don’t put it off.  Maybe you have made the decision while eating a packet of chips or eating chocolate.. put whatever it is down, even better throw it out and start straight away.  Maybe even put your running shoes on and head out for a walk or run depending on your fitness level.
Whatever you do don’t put it off and have one more treat or even one more day of indulgence, this will make it so much harder for you in the long run. You will feel much better and more in control if you resist temptation from the get go and set yourself on the path to succeed right now.


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2:  Set a Goal
It’s much easier to start and stick to something if you have a goal in mind.  This means actually writing the goal down, telling your family and friends about it and actually visualizing achieving that goal.  Take some time out and close your eyes and image you have already achieved what it is that you want.  How does it make you feel?  Who is there?  What are they saying to you?  And what are you saying to yourself?  What can you see, taste, smell and feel?

If emotionally charge your goal you will make it more real and this will give you more motivation to achieve it.
Don’t just do this visualisation once, make it also part of your daily routine.

 3:  Prepare

Sports and Fitness models Kelly Rennie and Justine Switalla talk about preparing their meals in advance and always having healthy snacks, protein and their meals with them where ever they go.  If you make your meals in advance or at the very least have a plan of what you are going to eat you are less likely to skip meals or grab for something unhealthy as you will be suitably topped up and if not you will have something healthy with you to snack on.

If your goal is exercise related you can get prepared by having your exercise gear ready to go when you wake in the morning or take it with you to work so you can go straight from your job to the gym or out for a run, swim or whatever it is you decide to do.
4:  Keep hydrated
Often people mistake hunger for thirst!  If you have just eaten or it’s less than an hour and a half since you last ate and you still feel hungry, try grabbing for a glass of water instead of a snack and then wait for 20 minutes, you will probably find the hunger subsides.
Keep in mind your body needs to be well hydrated to function properly.   If you are exercising you will be losing fluid through sweat. Our bodies are 75% water so just a loss of 2% through metabolic activity during exercise will have  a negative effect on your performance and health.

So make sure you carry water with you at all times and especially when you are exercising.

If you stick to some of these basic rules you will be well on your way to achieving the new healthy you without waiting for a tomorrow that never comes.

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