It seems like everywhere you look there is some new miracle method or supplement that claims to help promote weight loss through some magic or other. There has been such an emphasis placed on “weight loss,” that the finer points of being a healthy and ideal weight for your body type have sort of slipped out the window. That is why for the purpose of this article, there will be a very bold distinction between the idea of “weight loss,” and the idea of “fat loss.” The term, “weight loss “ is thrown around so commonly that there is every possibility that one could blur the meanings of “weight loss,” and “fat loss.” The difference is that “weight loss” refers to weight in general, and can refer to weight in the form of fat or muscle mass, whereas “fat loss” deals specifically with the loss of fat while making it a point to preserve and maintain muscle mass.

Muscle mass is actually more dense than fat, meaning that one could actually lose several pounds of fat and still measure in having gained weight from their starting point. The loss of fat is typically thought of as healthy, where the loss of muscle mass is typically thought of as unhealthy. Let’s now discuss some things that could result in weight loss and fat loss.

Weight loss

Things that commonly could cause weight loss include under eating or malnourishment, loss of appetite, muscle atrophy, various illnesses, stress or general physical inactivity. While there are conditions that are normal in which muscle mass can be lost, generally the loss of healthy muscle mass is an undesirable thing.

Fat loss


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Loss of fat happens as a result of things like the following: Increase of physical activity, increased rate of metabolism, reduction in consumption of fatty or sugary foods, weight gain.

Yes, you read that last one right. Weight gain is actually a cause for fat loss! This means that one of the best ways to burn fat is to gain muscle. This does not mean that you need to “bulk up” to lose fat either. Exercises which simply increase the density of muscle burn fat just as effectively, so for example in the case of a woman who wants to lose fat but doesn’t want to appear masculine, building muscle density through various exercises will actually help achieve this goal.

If you are looking to lose fat through things like dieting or supplements, you should know that exercise is proven time and time again to be the most effective and quickest way to lose fat, however, diet and exercise in conjunction will make for faster and better results still. That said, dieting should not be seen as a resolve to “eat less.” Instead, it should be seen as a resolve to eat more foods that are healthy and contain high levels of nutrition while eating fewer junk foods with high contents of fat, sugar, processed flavourings and preservatives. By simply eating less and letting yourself feel hungry, you are first of all unnecessarily torturing yourself, and also causing your body to starve to some degree. While eating Less food to a point of hunger may appear to work in terms of weight loss, the problem is that starving the body does not burn fat. It burns muscle. The body literally cannibalises itself, breaking down muscle tissue and extracting the stored nutrients therein in order to keep the vital processes of the bodies autonomic system going, such as heart beat, breathing, eyesight, hearing etc. Not only does this form of dieting deplete muscle mass, it also sends the body the signal that food is scarce, so it actually stores fat more abundantly, meaning that you’ll be losing weight, but gaining fat. Someone who has too much fat and not enough muscle – no matter how skinny they may appear – will face the same negative health effects as someone who is obese. Not only does the this form of dieting do all of this, but even the desired effect of appearing skinny won’t  last very long, as the moment you return to your previous eating habits, the body will quickly revert to its old metabolic patterns and the weight you sought to lose will come right back without delay. A body weight that fluctuates in this manner is also thought to be unhealthy for the heart and vital organs.

In order to lose fat without losing muscle mass, the name of the game in the bottom line is to eat properly. As long as you have all the nutrition that the body needs available, then the body won’t need to draw its fuel from preexisting muscle tissue. If you are doing lots of exercises or hard work, consider eating an increased amount of foods which are rich in protein and amino acids. Take the head of this and you will notice your body start to look more toned and muscular while pockets of fat gradually disappear.