Are you sick and tired of seeing ad after ad featuring sexy, slim, lean fitness models who claim that by using a certain ‘weighloss’ product you too will look like them in a few short weeks?

Did you buy these products, believing, or just hoping to duplicate their results? Yet you saw very little results or even none at all? Discouraging isn’t it!

So why don’t most slimming shakes work? Why do you actually put on weight while using them?

What’s important is that you are empowered through accurate knowledge on how to read a label without all the marketing hype trying to persuade you to buy a specific protein powder, you can then make your own decision as to what is best for you.

1. How to read a nutritional panel:

The first thing I do when I analyse a product is to turn the jar and read the nutritional panel at the back.  I immediately look for the ‘Per 100g’ column. This will give me the percentages.


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For example I may pick up a protein powder which contains per 100g Protein 70g Fat 7g Carbohydrates 6.5g and Sugars 6.5g. This protein powder contains 70% protein (70% of the jar contains protein), 7% fat and 6.5% carbs (of which 6.5% are naturally occurring lactose, in a good quality formula).

By contrast, if I pick up most slimming or diet products advertised on TV and commonly found in supermarkets you will find that the Nutritional Panel looks similar to this in most cases, per 100g: Protein 35g, Fat 1g, Carbohydrates 55g and Sugars 45g. In other words this protein has 35% protein (only 35% of the jar or sachet actually contains protein), 1% fat and 55% carbs (of which 45% are sugar).

OK, This product has only 1% fat allowing the maker to claim “99% fat free”. Yet it has over 50% carbs and most of these carbs are SUGAR!! I can learn all that reading nutritional panel. The next time you are in a health food store, pick up a weight gain protein product and read the Nutritional Panel – you will find it is often very similar to typical slimming shakes!.

2. Reading the Ingredients

Have you found that most ingredients lists are as long as an encyclopaedia with words and numbers you can’t even pronounce or understand?

Typical ‘slimming’ proteins have the following ingredients. Milk Solids (non fat), Maltodextrin, Glucose, Vitamins, Minerals, Flavours and maybe an artificial sweetener like Aspartame (951), Sucralose (955) or Acesulfame-K (950). Notice the first ingredient: Milk Solids (non-fat) is just skim milk powder.  Some use better quality proteins such as whey protein. Watch for ‘blends’ with cheaper proteins such as soy protein and calcium caseinate.

The second ingredient: Maltodextrin  is a powdered starch that is high GI. High GI means the carbs are made available very quickly into the blood stream as sugar. The body is then forced to release insulin to process this excess sugar and store it as fat cells.

So the very supplements that are supposed to help you get results are actually hindering you! Maltodextrin has a GI level of 105. Table sugar has a GI level of 60. You would be better off eating table sugar which is counter productive for fat loss! Maltodextrin is also used as a filler. In my opinion, if a ‘slimming protein shake’ only contains 35% protein and over 50% carbs, shouldn’t it be called a ‘weight gain carbohydrate powder?

3. Artificial sweeteners

My favourite topic! Many brands on the market are loaded with artificial sweeteners, gluten and other well known artificial additives currently under investigation by health professionals. Typical artificial sweeteners used are: Aspartame (951), Sucralose (955) or Acesulfame-K (950). Many people claim side effects from using them. Search online and just see the long list of potential side effects.

In 22 years in the fitness industry, having used many different protein powders and worked with many athletes, fitness models, competing bodybuilders I have found that almost all say that most protein powders give them gas and bloating. Does yours?

Artificial sweeteners do not digest in the stomach but ferment in the intestines. This could be hindering your digestion and absorption. Why spend good money on a quality protein if you are not going to absorb or digest it properly?

This is just one easily identifiable potential side effect of artificial sweeteners and  they also have a very unpleasant ‘chemical’ aftertaste.

4. Fat loss Amino Acids

Have you read the nutritional panel to see how much they actually put in? For example, in 100g of a typical protein with ‘added L-Carnitine’ you would be lucky to actually get 300mg of L-Carnitine. In a typical 25g serve you only get 75mg of L-Carnitine! That’s hardly a ‘sniff’. You need at least 1000mg per serve.

5. Vitamins and Minerals

We all need them. Again check the Nutritional Panel for Vitamin C (as an example). A typical protein powder contains 30mg per serve of Vitamin C! Most Multivitamins contain over 2300mg Vitamin C per table. A super long list of minuscule quantities in vitamins and minerals does not necessarily mean you are getting all the nutrition you need. I would still recommend you buy a good multivitamin and mineral supplement.

So what is the solution?

Buy a premium 100% natural protein powder, high in protein and low in carbs. And get your quality complex carbs from low GI fruits and vegetables. This will help you feel full for longer.

In conclusion being a competing bodybuilder myself and having experienced serious digestive issues which hindered my success I am intensely passionate about my health and yours without compromising any quality, taste or performance. I developed Tony Sfeirs Designer Physique product range in March 2000. We are now recognised as the premium quality 100% natural brand. We have 7 different types of 100% pure protein powders to suit every diet and allergy requirement and 7 Nutrition Boosters.

For 9 years the protein powders remained 100% pure – no flavours or sweeteners. I refused to add inferior flavours, sugar or artificial additives. There was not a sweetener on the market that tasted great and was 100% natural at the time. After many years spent researching and developing.

I was finally satisfied last year when we launched Australia’s best tasting. 100% natural protein powder. High in protein, low in carbs with zero artificial additives or fillers! We have a unique, great tasting, 100% natural sweetener, extracted from an exotic fruit.

We are proud to announce that professional athletes are using our products getting phenomenal results and have the peace of mind that they are not damaging their health in the long term.

For more information and testimonials on Designer Physique products visit our website. If you truly want results, you need to change how you eat. We endorse a lifestyle which recommends 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.

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