Let’s get one thing straight…

Taking a testosterone supplement like Testosterone Boost is not going to give you a beard…

It’s not like taking illegal steroids that turn you into a big roid rage monster like the she-hulk.

Testosterone boost supplements have been used safely for years and help women in all sort of ways.

Here are the 3 most common ways it helps you to safely get better results from your training.


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1. Increased Metabolism:


Women use testosterone boost for increased matabolism

Testosterone Boost for increased metabolism.

Women naturally produce testosterone just like men do, only it’s in lower amounts (about one tenth).

Levels peak at around 20 years old and then begin dropping.

This causes an unbalance of estrogen and testosterone in many women resulting in a slower metabolism.

How many of us ladies remember being able to eat anything in our early 20s without putting on any extra weight only to find once we’re a little older we can’t even eat a chocolate bar for fear of extra kilos…

Testosterone supplements in active women help to counterbalance this by speeding up your metabolism so you can get the food you need without worrying about weight gain.

2. Weight Loss:

Due to increased testosterone levels and increased metabolism, women find it much easier to keep weight off.

Women find they have a lot more energy and they sleep better which means you can go harder on your workouts.

This translates to a notable increase of weight loss. Just remember you only get results if you put the work in.

You won’t lose weight if you use all that energy at work and don’t get to the gym.

3. Increased Muscle Mass:


Women use testosterone boost for increased muscle mass

Testosterone Boost for increased muscle mass.

Once again, testosterone boost is not like taking steroids where your muscles grow like crazy and you turn into a pimply rage monster with hair in weird places…

The increased muscle mass is simply a byproduct of having more energy, feeling more focused and driven meaning you can go harder at the gym.

Testosterone boost is an amazing supplement that simply helps women get a little extra help in the hormone department to replicate the energy levels, fast metabolism and overall quality of life you had in your early twenties.

Although if you are in your early twenties it’s not going to put your levels over the limit or anything. It’s still a great supplement to take to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Have you had any experiences with testosterone boost?

Let us know in the comments.

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