It’s that time of year.

BBQ’s are cleaned and readied for use. Holiday time is fast approaching.

Avoid the New Year ‘detox-and-cleanse’ with these 4 holiday workout tips




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Tip #1 – Hotel Amenities

Most hotels, especially the larger chains are able to take care of ALL their customers’ needs. Pools, restaurants, bars and room service are the most used facilities but most also have a fitness room. (Probably be tucked away somewhere covered in cobwebs!)

While you may not get the full array of weights and machines you can access at your own gym, there’s usually stationary bikes and treadmills.

A simple 30-minute round of dedicated exercise each morning, along with a few laps of the pool, will help burn off excess holiday food and drink.

Hotel Gym


Tip #2 Gym Membership

Belong to a large gym chain? Check your membership details as some allow visits to any gym in their network – worldwide!

Gym class


Tip #3 Swimming Laps

Even if you can’t access, or don’t feel like going to a gym, use the pool for a great workout.

Check out 100 swimming workouts to select your level and fitness goals.



Tip #4 Lightweight Equipment & Room Workouts

If you’re going to be staying in places where you’ll have no access to facilities, there’s a couple of things you can do.

First up you can pack a resistance band – small, lightweight and a great alternative to weights.

Second, you can use bodyweight exercises and use your suitcase as your weights.

Checkout this great 20 minute room workout shared by Fitness Nerd


Push Ups


Share below any tips you have for holiday makers and..

have an awesome summer!

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