As the holiday season draws near, many people are going to start to get slightly anxious about the potential chance of packing on a few too many extra pounds with all the goodies and beverages floating around.   It may feel like everywhere you turn there’s something to tempt your taste buds and challenge your ability to stick with healthy eating  through thick and thin.   So what can you do to help fend off these holiday pounds and maintain the lean body that you’ve been working so hard for?

Let’s go over a few simple ideas to get you started so that you can focus on a New Year’s resolution other than weight loss this time around.
Pick Your Indulgences Beforehand
The very first thing that you should be doing is making sure to take the time to pick out what you’ll indulge in before you go to the party or event. This way, you won’t feel deprived of all the holiday goodies and you’ll be able to focus on eating well the rest of the time.  It’s when you feel like you can’t give into your cravings at all that you’ll really notice they come in full force and that’s when you’re far more likely to just lose complete control.   Choose one item that you will allow yourself to have and then stick to it. If you eat well the rest of the time, this one item really isn’t going to set you back to any extent.

Drink Or Eat – Not Both
Next, another important thing to consider is that you should only indulge in alcoholic beverages or indulge in food.  When you get the combination of both happening, that’s when you’ll really be in for some serious problems ahead because not only does fat burning stop as soon as alcohol enters your system, but with it stopped and all those fat calories coming in from the foods you’re eating, you now will be converting them to body fat stores.

By choosing one or the other, you’ll help to manage your total calorie intake better and that will help to reduce the chances that you do experience fat gain.

Don’t Starve Before Events
Moving along, never go into a party hungry.  This is the biggest mistake most people make.  They starve all day long thinking that it’s going to help ‘save’ calories that they can use during the party.  As the result of this though, they have uncontrollable hunger that causes them to consume far more calories than they normally would while at that party, really packing on the weight.


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Instead, maintain a steady diet before the event of lean proteins and vegetables.  This will work best to keep your hunger under control so that you can choose wisely when you’re at the party.

Get Active Outside Of The Gym
Finally, with the season so busy at this time of the year, there’s a good chance that you aren’t going to be able to get to the gym for all your usual workout sessions.  Don’t fret.  Instead of using the excuse that it’s the holiday season and you deserve a break, get active outside of the gym.  Rather than sitting and talking with your company, get active – go swimming, bike riding, or even just take a brisk walk and look at Christmas lights.  If you can focus on getting up and moving more throughout the day, you can really improve your overall calorie burn and help to keep the total amount of weight gained over the course of the next few weeks down.

Remember everything counts so never view short bursts of activity pointless. It will add up.

So there you have a few quick points to remember as you gear up for the holiday season.  Keep these in mind and you can enjoy yourself while still maintaining the body that you desire.

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Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx

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