Sometimes healthy recipes can be a tad on the boring side… We’ve got some tips for you to use so the next time you start getting bored with your recipes you can spice them up a bit…

  • When making any smoothie or shake try your favourite fruits and juice or milk – be creative. Most recipes are delicious just using basic ingredients from your cupboard, a pinch of cinnamon, honey, coffee, and they always taste better if they are icy cold.
  • Frozen fruits makes the smoothie thicker and creamier.
  • For recovery, drink a protein shake within 1/2 hour after exercise.
  • Freeze any recipe to create a beautiful frozen dessert . Mix with yoghurt and top with nuts or fruit.
  • To make nut milk, liquefy one cup of blanched almonds with 4 cups of water in a blender. Decrease water for a creamier taste and strain if desired.
  • Nuts are better if left soaking overnight – easier to digest if eaten whole and much easier to blend.

For Weight Loss

  • Use water and low GI fruits and fruit juice – berries, apples, pears.
  • Always have a shake ready with your dry mixture when you’re out. If you get hungry add juice or water and shake. It will fill you up until you can get something healthy and avoid being tempted to eat junk food.
  • Never miss breakfast. Prepare the dry ingredients the night before and take a shake with you. Have it on the way to work to avoid eating the wrong food.
  • Use Protein Smoothies to increase daily protein intake to assist in building muscle – more muscle burns more fat.
  • Whenever possible use a blender to increase bulk of smoothie – adds volume to mixture and makes it creamier – gives a feeling of fullness.

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