In today’s modern culture, not a day goes by without hearing or seeing some advertisement or magazine cover which is pushing some new “miracle weight loss” or diet plan. By now, we have all seen several of those diet plans become all the rave, only to eventually be proven false or even dangerous, and go the way of the old “Atkins diet,” shortly after Dr. Atkins himself died of a heart attack. Today, the diet and weight loss cartels are pushing more and more crazy ideas on the people who wish to get in shape, because let’s face it, the health and wellness industry rakes in the big bucks.

Having said that last bit, there’s a new notion of weight loss on the loose which is commonly known as “spot targeted weight loss,” or “spot targeting.” The idea is that everyone has unique genetic traits, and therefore will accumulate fat on their body in different ways and in different places, hence, people who feel that they – for example – have fat thighs want to target that area so that it may slim down to proportion with the rest of their physique. Everyone has heard a complaint from someone we know about things like “I have a fat ass,” or “I have a big gut.” It then stands to reason that some marketing professional somewhere saw an opportunity to pander to people’s dissatisfaction with their physique in a way that would appeal to a large portion of people in the world today.

The truth of the matter is, unfortunately, that there is no real truth or even evidence of truth to support the claim that this type of weight loss is possible. Weight gain and weight loss within each person are governed by forces of which we normal people have no control over, so if you wish you were built naturally like this person or that person, I’m afraid that short of surgery, you’ll have to work with what the universe has provided you.

When you think more about it, the notion does actually seem kind of absurd. If you are worried about being too fat in just one specific area, wouldn’t it stand to reason that you should just exercise and eat healthy to lose weight, and if enough weight is lost, the weight in the areas which you like to target will diminish as well? Is the idea of spot targeting some sort of hack to avoid the well-known fact the way to look good and be healthy is through exercise and healthy eating? Am I to believe that if I feel as though my butt is too big, that I can wake up in the morning and do some butt exercises in which my glutes are the only thing working while the rest of my being proceeds to eat potato chips and watch daytime television and my problem will somehow improve?? Surely, you jest.

While the idea of spot targeting is a bit ridiculous, there are still some things that can help in certain ways. Obviously, weight loss is a simple matter of diet and exercise, and there is simply no way around that. However. It is known that certain foods can cause weight gain in specific areas. For instance, the term “beer belly” was not established by chance. Each body and blood type have foods that can be adverse to one’s health more so than someone with a different genetic makeup and vice versa. If you know your body well, you can perhaps figure out some of your own traits in how the body stores fats and what foods will cause you to lose or gain weight, but don’t mistake this for some miracle breakthrough workout program. This is fairly common knowledge by now, so keep it in mind and be skeptical of anyone who tries to sell you a fancy “spot targeting” diet or exercise program.


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