In March 2000, Tony Sfeir founded Designer Physique and inspired us, his team, with his fervour, an enthusiasm we all share today.

Designer Physique’s story – after developing a major digestive disorder, Tony was frustrated to find most commercial body building, sports and ‘nutritional’ products contained flavours, gluten, fillers, anti-binding agents and additives that irritated his conditions. Sourcing the best quality natural proteins and supplements for his own use to aid in his recovery, Tony then established Designer Physique to make these products available to the Australian public.

Since this time, the Designer Physique range has increased to include gluten-free natural foods and supplements, promoting greater health and well-being in both young and young at heart. Designer Physique is committed to providing researched, premium quality, whole and nourishing premium with 100% natural ingredients.

The Designer Phyisque products range is free from genertically modified ingredients, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and added filers, we have products ideal for vegetarians, vegans and most restricted diets/health conditions including but not limited to coeliac disease diabetes, food allergies and chemical sensitivity.

If you have any questions, just call us and ask. We want nothing more than to educate our growing nation!