Nicky Arthur – Yoga Teacher, Author, Coach, Motivational Speaker

I have been in the fitness industry since 1998 and have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. After completing a Personal Training course in 1998 I understood that weight training needn’t make women nervous  about bulking up. In conjunction with good nutrition I used weights to become a winning Body Figure Competitor and spent three years competing throughout New Zealand. It was then that I began to use yoga to help balance out my body after competing.

I am now a mother of two girls and I feel as intensely passionate about living a healthy lifestyle as I ever did. I’m passionate about developing and sharing the tools to achieve great health using nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, goal setting and a healthy mindset as the building blocks. This is one of the things I discuss in my workshops and seminars to clients of all ages.

I teach Yoga, am a Les Mills Body Balance Instructor and author of “How to be a happier Mum”. I recently developed an online coaching platform for my 10 week Mind and Body Transformation Program.

After having digestive problems from too many protein powders and supplements with artificial sweeteners and preservatives, I began my journey with raw foods. Once I became a vegetarian I was aware that I needed to top up on vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


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I came across Designer Physique Products and was very excited to find that it was 100% natural, with no artificial sweeteners.

Since taking Designer Physique my sugar cravings are under control, I just haven’t looked back!.

I not longer eat protein bars or anything else from a packet and I encourage my clients to follow suit on my 10 week mind and Body Transformation program – a gluten and artificial free journey.

I use and love the Greens Boost Powder and Pea Protein which are both Gluten Free.  One of my clients told me recently that not only does the Greens Boost Powder give her a natural energy boost, but it also smells fantastic and leaves her feeling amazing!

I know I am safe to recommend Tony Sfeirs’ Products to my members because they taste great and they are natural – I trust the products.

Nowadays we cannot be guaranteed that we get all the goodness, vitamins, minerals and amino acids from modern food. When I replenish my body with Designer Physique’s products I know I’m getting all the extra nutrients I need to perform in peak condition.

When you are in tune with your body it’s easier to understand what you need and what is good for you. I am forever grateful I can align myself with Designer Physique’s fantastic products and help promote its benefits and philosophies.

I am proud to become an ambassador for designer physique.






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