Long term weight loss is the only effective way of keeping fat from coming back on but it is also very difficult to achieve.

People who take short cuts to lose weight tend to pile the pounds on back again. If you suffer from a fluctuating weight problem then you are certainly in for trouble because this will harm your health considerably.

In addition, it will also harm your mental state because you will suffer from feelings of inadequacy at being unable to stick with a fitness or diet program. However, it is possible to lose weight for good as long as you do the right things.

One thing that you have to be aware of is that long term weight loss is only possible if you lose weight slowly and steadily. Crash diets put your body through a lot of stress and your body reacts by craving more food than you would have eaten normally.

You should therefore aim to reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 – 1000 calories, keeping the minimum intake at 1200 calories. This will help you burn around half a kg a week without exercise, depending on your starting weight, and you will also get all the nutrition that your body needs in order to function normally.


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Don’t leave your diet to guesswork make sure you seek help from a qualified dietitian instead who will make you a meal plan that gives you the right amount of calories and the other nutrients that you need.

When you do start a daily weight loss diet you should try eating five to six small meals daily instead of the more conventional three large meals. Chewing the food slowly while savoring it also helps you lose weight because it makes you feel full faster, thereby helping you control the amount you eat every day.

You should also try to limit your television viewing time because this is one activity that causes a lot of weight gain since it keeps you inactive while encouraging you to snack, especially on the wrong kinds of food.

Try to become more active in any case in any which way possible. This can include walking to work or taking public transportation rather than using your car. You should also aim to be more active around the house in order to burn more calories than you currently do.You should increase the amount of exercise you do, aiming for a minimum of 3 days a week.

Make sure that you keep up the exercise for 40 – 50 minutes per session. If going to a gym is what you prefer then you should actually join a gym and perhaps even see a personal trainer to get you kick-started. If not, you could do something you prefer such as walking, swimming or playing sports.

The simple way to understand long term weight loss is that it requires you to increase your activity levels while decreasing the amount of food you eat. Be very disciplined because you will benefit greatly from losing weight. Now that you know what to do there is no reason for you to avoid losing weight.

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