Oxygen Cover Girl Australia Aug 2010
1st Overall Sports Model INBA Classic 2010

Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique embraces Justine as an Australian role model and ambassador for our premium 100% natural brand!

Justine has come from a very active background of dance, cheerleading, netball, tennis…  then naturally gravitated to the gym, personal training and sports modeling. She won the first sculpting competition she entered in 2008 and the rest you might say.. is history!

In August 2010 Justine was chosen as the cover girl for Australian ladies fitness magazine ‘Oxygen’ which was a huge achievement personally for her; and also placed 1st Overall Sports Model at the INBA Classic in the same year.

“I feel like there is just no end to what can be achieved in one’s lifetime.”

Justine Switalla lives and breathes health and fitness. By sharing her passion of the health industry with as many people as possible she is doing what she loves most. She is a first class personal trainer and fitness instructor who believes that natural nutrition plays a key role in health and wellbeing.


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“I set out to achieve and change lives and that is my mission still to this day. … I love that I can inspire and motivate people by living the way I do and if I can change one person’s life then it makes all the hard work and sacrifice totally worth it!”

Justine’s determination to be a positive change in people’s lives makes her a perfect ambassador for the Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique brand. Changing lives, one person at a time, together we will help make the changes necessary to assist people Love Their Lives, Love Their Bodies.

Justine fell head over heels for Tony’s Designer Physique range: “I have finally found the highest quality supplements AND they are 100% natural! Perfect for me and my clients. This protein actually tastes amazing just in water! Thanks Designer Physique!!!”

Her favourite product so far? Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique Pea Protein Isolate- Swiss Chocolate flavoured. Suitable for vegans but contains the complete BCAA profile and alkalizing as well!! Not to mention delicious!!!

No matter what your background is; you too can achieve optimum health with the help of quality nutrition, 100% natural supplements and a balanced exercise schedule – the Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique lifestyle.

2011 in a nut shell for Justine:

Pop down to the Fitx Expo, Melbourne 12-13 March 2011 and find Justine on the Oxygen stand and at the Filex Expo in Sydney in April.

“I am going to compete in the Asia Pacific ANB comp at the end of May 11 in Sydney and do the INBA and ANB nationals in Oct 11.

My main goal for this year is to compete in the INBA Olympia titles in October on the Gold Coast.”

Past achievements to date:

Competition History:

1st INBA Victorian Titles 2008
1st Short class All Female Classic 2009
1st Overall Sports Model All female classic 2009
2nd INBA Australian titles 2009
4th WNBF Victorian Titles 2009
4th WNBF Asia Pacific titles 2009
3rd Natural Olympia World titles 2009
1st Short class All female classic 2010
1st Overall Sports Model INBA All female Classic 2010
We know she will do incredibly well 🙂


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