Testosterone is known as the hormone that naturally occurs in all people, but more so in men. It is the token “man” hormone that has been credited with all sorts of thing, from the aggressive alpha male behaviour, hairy chests, the male libido, large muscular builds and so forth. Of course, testosterone gets a bit of a bad rap, as many examples of its presence use extreme scenarios from some of the most testosterone filled men.

Indeed, testosterone is one of the main factors that leads to the behaviours that can only be described as “the special male brand of crazy,” just as its counterpart, oestrogen sparks the special female brand of crazy.

This, however, is a bit of a skewed perception of the matter. Yes, most of us are well aware of the effects that raging hormones can have on our ability to think and act rationally, but this can usually be attributed to instances of hormone imbalances. Both men and women require a delicate balance of both testosterone and oestrogen as well as a slew of other hormones and neurochemicals. A person can be one way in one moment and then completely change once their hormone levels are adjusted in one way or another. Hormones are indeed a veritable force of nature, however with the right understanding of how they work and how they can affect a person’s health and well-being, one can actually supplement hormones to help give their motivations and body shape a push in their chosen direction.

One study on hormones effect on fitness and athletic performance had a number of male subjects work out while their stats were recorded. At some point during the workout, a young attractive female would be called in to accompany the male test subjects while they lift weights. When the girl sat on the male subject’s lap, substantial increases in the male’s performance were documented across the board.

It posed the question as to how it could be that a man will seem to just suddenly become stronger out of nowhere when in the presence of an attractive female. The answer is not simply that they were motivated to show off, (although I think it can be assumed that is a factor,) but that the mysterious mechanism that is our body, can actually detect the hormones of the opposite sex and react to it, even if we are not consciously aware of it.


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When women would enter a room where the male subjects were lifting weights, their bodies had an actual physiological response from the reaction of the female hormones in the environment, and that reaction resulted in increased levels of testosterone being produced, which then resulted in improved ability to lift weights. In essence, it then stands to reason that if a man were to increase his testosterone levels, he would increase his performance in fitness (and most likely in other departments as well.)

Many men suffer from a lack of testosterone in their system. This occurs more commonly in older men, but can happen to anyone and has outwardly noticeable results. From a fitness standpoint, it could have many benefits to boost your testosterone level to give your exercise capabilities an edge.

Women and testosterone..

We have spoken about the male perspective of testosterone, but what has been found is that in some cases, women can also benefit from adjusting their hormone levels to raise testosterone. Of course, the likely image to reach one’s mind when discussing the topic is a masculine and muscular woman.

Women who have supplemented testosterone have actually shown enhanced levels in their rate of metabolism, slowness of aging, increased physical strength and increase in muscle tone.

Supplementing hormones can be part of a strategy to achieve your fitness goals faster and more easily. As it is with any supplements or fitness program, it’s best to do your research, study the effects of any supplement and choose your plan based on what fits your own unique needs.

Testosterone supplements can certainly be a potentially helpful thing. If you’re wondering how to start, you can check out this testosterone boosting product here