Once upon a time meditation was associated only with religion, especially with Eastern Cultures, in the last decade there has been an increase of people practicing meditation purely to achieve health benefits.

In today’s hustle and bustle lifestyle we have to deal with many stress related conditions, increasingly, people are turning to meditation to improve health and general well-being.

People are now becoming aware that meditation is a great way to reduce high blood pressure and that it is also a great way to improve one’s metabolism. According to one definition, Meditation is a state of “thoughtless awareness”. Most importantly, this state of restful awareness is a great way to release stress from the body and just feel happy.

The state of peace that one achieves as a result of meditating cannot be achieved in any other manner.  However, there are certain misconceptions about meditation that prevent people from making the best use of it.

One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is that it is a religious act. Most meditation is undoubtedly religious, considering its origins, but there are many forms of non-religious meditation you can adopt if you feel uncomfortable chanting religious verses.


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Natural meditation methods are extremely popular with people who are deeply committed to their own religion and do not want even a single suggestion that they are flirting with another religion. In fact, you do not even have to think pious thoughts when you meditate because they are simply not necessary.

Another common misconception is that one has to stop thinking completely in order to meditate. Nothing could be further from the truth because this is simply not possible. However, what you can do with your thoughts is control them so that they do not move around in your head in a chaotic manner. If you keep repeating the thought ‘I have to stop thinking’ in your head you will never be able to progress with your meditation.

Many people also believe that meditation is always done along with certain exercises such as yoga. Certain types of yoga classes do include some meditation but not all of them. In any case, you do not need to exercise in order to meditate correctly. Yoga by itself does not constitute meditation even though it does help you feel more relaxed and it also helps to improve your metabolism.

Another thing for you to remember is that you will not always have an unusual feeling or sensation after you finish meditating.  Some people give up meditating too soon, because they may not perfect it the first time around.  Be patient, practice and you will eventually feel a sense of happiness after each session.

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