When most people start up on a healthy eating plan, they take a lot of time to figure out the perfect combination of proteins, carbs, and fats to be eating, making sure that their calorie intake is precisely where it needs to be.

This is good news because your calorie intake is one of the primary determinants of whether or not you see fat loss or not, so it cannot be overlooked.

But that said, another key element that you must make sure you’re not overlooking in your plan is hydration.  Staying well hydrated as you go about your healthy eating plan is equally as important as this will ensure that you feel your best at all times.

Those who aren’t adequately hydrated are going to suffer from slow metabolisms, increased feelings of hunger, and potentially also find that they don’t perform as well in the gym as they could.

Staying hydrated is important for not only fat loss but for overall health as well.


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Let’s have a quick look at a few of the top things that you should know about hydration if you hope to see optimal progress.

Exercise Increases Your Water Need

The very first thing that you need to make sure that you fully realise is the fact that exercise is going to increase your water needs.  Most people do understand this but some forget to add extra fluid into their day when they are very active.

This is especially the case when you’re in the water.  If you’ve transferred your cardio session over to swimming, remember that you are still sweating and losing water.  Hydrating after being in the pool is important.

You Must Account For Calorie Laden Beverages

Next, you also must make sure that you account for calorie laden beverages that you take in.  This is where some people go wrong with their diets and by not thinking about the fact that they’re consuming calories here, they end up going over their intake target for the day.

Sadly, beverage calories don’t fill you up nearly as well as food calories do, so those who are downing calorie-rich beverages will often struggle to maintain their body weight.

Start making an effort to select only calorie-free drinks and you’ll do much better.

Most People Do Not Need Sports Drinks

Finally, the last thing that must be said about hydration is with regards to sports beverages.  Many people figure that these electrolyte containing drinks will help boost their sport performance and will replace lost sodium and potassium that their body needs.

The real truth however is that unless you’re training for a marathon or doing prolonged exercise that lasts over an hour, straight water will be fine.  There’s no need to add these calorie rich drinks into your day.

Unless they are calorie and sugar free, pass on them and go for water instead.

So there you have some important facts to remember about hydration.  Make sure you aren’t overlooking this element in your healthy eating plan.

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