Suggestions on How to effectively use Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique Products

Ladies Slim Lean/ Lean Boost

1 spoon (enclosed) in a small amount of water first thing on waking.Can also take the same amount 15 minutes before exercise.
This is a 100% pure product, powdered form. Mixed in water it goes straight to the blood stream and helps to use your long chain FAT CELLS (the ones that you think have camped out) FIRST- As your first source of energy!! Got to love that!

Whey Protein Concentrate in Swiss Chocolate or French Vanilla

100%  NATURAL. You can give it to your kids and pregnant ladies can drink it – why would you drink anything they can’t?

1 scoop = 30gms.
2.2g CARBS per serve! That’s nothing!!

1 scoop mid morning /  mid afternoon in water for a snack provides 70% protein, 7.5% carbs. This is the perfect amount of protein but  NOT ENOUGH CARBS for a complete snack, so always team it with a LOW GI piece of fruit (carb) such as apple, pear or handful of berries.

If you want to beat the sugar craving you MUST FOLLOW THIS!!
This is a snack you can have 30mins to 1hr  BEFORE training to release protein and carbs slowly. Hence enabling the body to have energy to burn without it being too heavy in the stomach.


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If you like the DP protein in lite milk this is OK too- you do not need the fruit (carb) if you choose to have the milk option.
The option with milk is great AFTER WEIGHT TRAINING as it has more high GI carb (milk).

Your muscles MUST be replenished with high GI IMMEDIATELY after weight training.


You have depleted all sugar from your muscles during weight training if you are weight training to failure. You NEED to replenish so your body does not store sugar coming in at a later time.

Secret: If you do a full on weight training session it should ONLY LAST MAX 30 MINS. If you are going longer you are probably going TOO SOFT.

Also; if you want some sugar- go for high GI after you have wasted your muscles. Now is the time to eat high GI- you have a 15 minute window to have 5 marshmellows OR 5 jelly beans OR DESIGNER PHYSIQUE protein shake with milk.

Healthiest option: the shake of course 🙂

Tony Sfeir’s Immuno Boost.

1 teaspoon in a shake/juice whatever twice to 4 times per day.
Keeps your immune system strong!! When going through any change be that physical emotional, spiritual , your immune system is attacked. This is normal – by feeding it 100% NATURAL (ie non synthetic) L-Glutamine you build it up to enable you to withstand THE WORKS.

  • Build and repair gut tissue
  • Assists in recovery from ‘leaky gut syndrome’, inflammation, celiac disease.
  • Regulates ACID-ALKALINE balance in the kidneys
  • Anti Catabolic: helps to block the cortisol induced protein catabolism—IE AFTER WEIGHT TRAINING- REDUCES RECOVERY TIME.
  • And so much more…

Tony Sfeir’s Fibre Boost

Start with ¼ teaspoon and build up to 1 teaspoon per serve. Put it in your shakes/juices whatever you like.
Best taken in the morning- to get you going.. ie passing a great number two and flushing your toxins = losing weight, no bloating, flush flush flush.
There is no other product like on the market. This is 100% pure, in POWDER form. NO CONSTIPATION LIKE THE OTHERS!!!
It actually works.

Tony Sfeirs Greens Boost

Take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for cleansing and detox, it also comes in handy for extra energy as you feel the goodness going through your body and zapping you awake! – Use it as a supplement when you’re missing your greens in a meal… The taste may take some getting used too although some people love it, you can mix it with fruit juice or try it with icy cold water.

Tony Sfeirs Digestive Boost

Does not need refrigeration, the bio active ingredients come alive when you mix them with liquid and you are sure you are getting 100% what you paid for. Get all the good bacteria into your gut by taking it regularly in the morning. Start with 1/4 teaspoon and work your way up to 1 teaspoon per day

Directions for a day:

1 portion of Tony’ Slim Lean/Lean Boost in water

2 tspn Tonys Sfeirs Greens Boost – alkalizing
1 tspn Tony Sfeirs Digestive Boost – some of the strongest probiotics on the market. Alkalizing and massive amounts of good bacteria.
¼ tspn Tony Sfeir’s Fibre Boost
1 tspn Tony Sfeir’s Immune Boost
1 spoon Tony Sfeir’s Joint Food Boost for people who have aching bones.
In a glass of water with a bit of apple juice

**You may not need it all if you don’t want it. You choose for yourself.

Then breakfast

Mid morning snack two/three hours later (Tony’s protein shake with apple)


Mid Morning Snack (Tony’s protein shake with apple)



If you do not do this:

  • YOU ARE LIKELY TO  CRAVE SUGAR (your body needs to be given the right balance with the right nutrients).

If you do this – you WILL be on the road to:


**Remember these are suggestions, you can change things around and experiment as well. Always listen to your body and enjoy a balanced diet. If you have an allergy please ensure you check the labels and if you have any doubts feel free to send us an email. See your Doctor for advice if you have any medical condition.

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