Creatine is one of the most popular supplements used for muscle building. It is an amino acid that is made in your liver and stored as creatine phosphate in your muscles. Your body uses it as an energy source for intensive activities of short span and, therefore, it can be extremely beneficial for your workouts. Creatine supplements allow you to put in extra efforts in your workout, which helps to build muscles quicker.

It should be stressed that creatine is not some special ingredient that will help you build muscles overnight. It is a supplement that can help you get the most out of your workout by rebuilding adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in your body, which is a chemical that powers your muscles by helping it contract.

In every repetition of an exercise, the amount of ATP in your body decreases and when you reach that point where you can no longer lift weights, the amount of ATP in your muscles are no longer sufficient to sustain the activity.

With creatine, your are able to increase the amount of ATP in your muscles, which allows you to put in extra effort in your exercise, and increase the number of repetitions that you can perform.

Furthermore, creatine enhances the ability of your body to store glycogen, which is used for muscle recovery. This means that your body is able to build muscles quicker because of the increased amount of glycogen in the body.


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Lastly, creatine helps to increase your cardiovascular activity. This means that creatine supplements will help you improve your performance in both anabolic and aerobic exercises. This will also enable you to increase the amount of your exercise, which means you will be able to exercise more intensely and for a longer duration of time.


There are various concerns regarding creatine, which makes it important to discuss them. Firstly, creatine may not work for everyone. If you are a person who naturally has large stores of creatine in your body, you may not be able to realize any significant gain. However, not everyone is blessed with a body equipped with proper dosages of creatine and most people have experienced a significant gain in muscles because of the use of creatine.

As far as health concerns go, creatine has generally been found to be safe in the different studies that have been conducted. However, you should take care to consume it in moderate amount because high dosages of creatine can have certain side effects like kidney damage.

Making the most of your Creatine Supplements

  • Take creatine with carbohydrates: 
    This can increase the absorption of creatine significantly. Therefore, you should take creatine with carbs sources like fruit juices or starchy foods.
  • Creatine cycling:
    Prolong use of creatine can cause your body to get used to it and hence the benefits of creatine can wear off. Therefore, you should cycle your use of creatine by using it during periods of intensive exercise and then quitting during rest periods or exercises of low intensity.

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