Obesity is a problem that many people struggle with nowadays. It seems that the biggest reason for obesity is our lifestyle.

We do minimum or no exercise at all and on top of that, consume unhealthy food. This makes things worse for us as it exposes us to a wide variety of ailments and reduces the quality of our life.

Being overweight is a major self esteem killer and if we are not looking our best, we certainly aren’t feeling our best. Therefore, we should take care to keep our body healthy and enjoy our life to the max.

The secret to losing weight is to incorporate healthy foods and exercise in you daily life. This might seem obvious but it needs to be said. Healthy foods and exercise will greatly aid you in your quest for losing weight and contribute positively to your overall health and outlook in life.

The first steps might be daunting but once you are on your way and things begin to shift you will start to pick up momentum and soon you’ll be on your way to a sexy new you.


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When trying to shed some weight and regain your fitness it is important to have a plan and to set small goals, this will help you in keeping you motivated. Often people make the mistake of setting goals that are too far out of reach and soon it becomes more like a chore and far too hard to achieve, therefore easy to give up and go back to old habits.

It’s far too easy for corporations to market weight loss aids that promise you the world. When someone is desperate they will readily give anything for that miracle solution, however the fact is that there is no easy way to beat obesity. Although it is a simple equation. Energy in minus Energy out, the solutions is simple but not easy.

Taking into account medical conditions of course, if you have no medical conditions than the key is to change something. Do more exercise, balance your diet, eat less junk and more healthy food. e.g. Vegetables and Salads plus good quality Protein including fish, eggs, meat, chicken.

Plan outings that incorporate some exercise, when you go shopping park the car at the furthest spot from the door, do some gardening. There are a lot of things you can do that seem more like you’re enjoying life rather than making a chore of exercise. How about taking up a dance class? or a sport you enjoy? There is the added bonus of making new friends or connecting with your current friends and loved ones.

The key is to think about the things you enjoy and make a plan to pursue them. The possibilities are endless.

Plan your meals ahead of time this will make it easier for you to avoid eating the wrong things. Have you ever felt so hungry that you ate the first thing that you came across and regretted it afterwards? The key is to eat regularly and not skip meals.

Here are a few other healthy choices that you can make with respect to your diet:

Protein Powders

There are a significant amount of research studies that indicate the consumption of good quality Protein will assist you in losing weight.

Choose a protein that is low in Carbohydrates, low in fat content and low GI. This helps you to build lean muscles and burn fat.

A low-glycemic index food helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, this means that you will experience fewer hunger cravings.

Make sure that you read the nutritional panel and pick a protein that has no added artificial ingredients or sweeteners. e.g. If you see numbers – forget it!

Choosing a good quality protein will go a long way to helping you in your weight loss efforts.

There are a variety of Proteins available in the market, the trick is to find something that agrees with your tummy and your wallet. Just remember that sometimes paying less doesn’t mean you will get better value. You will have to pay for a good quality protein, no doubt.

Here is some of the most commonly used Proteins.

Whey Protein Isolate

Comes from cow’s milk and is usually around 90% protein value, low in fat and carbs, it is considered to be the “Top Shelf” of proteins

Whey Protein Concentrate

Comes from cow’s milk and is usually around 80% protein value, not so low in fat as the isolate but still very reasonable for the price. Good value.

Pea Protein Isolate

If unflavoured it is around 90% protein, you will lose a bit of protein if you choose flavours however sometimes it is worth it for the taste.


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