Everyone desires to look their best and a ripped body with rock solid abs is the ultimate of their journey. However, it is not easy to achieve this goal as you will have to balance three important things at the same time – workout, nutrition, and sleep.

When we exercise, we deplete our body of many different vital nutrients. It is important for your body to have an adequate store of these nutrients in order to recuperate. Hence, if we are not taking adequate care of diet, we are headed for failure. In order to get the most out of workout, it is important that we provide our body with all the essentials for recovery.

L-glutamineis an important nutrient  under stress

L-Glutamine is extremely important especially under stress.

This makes it extremely important for us to supplement our diet with amino acids like L-Glutamine and L-Carnitine. This is extremely important because it isn’t possible for us to provide our body with all the nutrients that it needs with food alone.

If we are exercising, we have to eat healthy and smartly. Eating food in huge quantities will render exercise useless and therefore, we should provide our body with the vital nutrients that can give it the maximum value with respect to our workout.


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L-Glutamine is an extremely important nutrient that gets depleted when our body undergoes heavy stress like exercise or dieting. Even though, this amino acid is found abundantly in the body, heavy exercises can result in its depletion, which can lead to catabolism.

Catabolism means that your body will lose muscles because your body will be forced to “eat” muscles in order to sustain itself. The goal of exercise is progressing, not going backward and Glutamine can play a significant role in achieving this goal.

Glutamine is regarded as one of the most anti-catabolic agent in the body and is vital for the protection and recovery of muscles. It also increases muscles growth and enhances immune system.

Benefits of L-Glutamine

  • It helps with the regulation of protein synthesis, which helps the building of muscles by the body.
  • It accelerate the synthesis of glycogen after a workout
  • It enables your body to regulate the use of glycogen, which is stored in muscle cells. This will help your muscles to get healthy volume and firmness.
  • You will be able to recover faster after workout
  • It promotes a strong immune system
  • It can improve your memory, mental alertness, and mood.
  • It protects your liver from damage.

How to Use L-Glutamine

As discussed above, Glutamine is an anti-catabolic agent that also accelerates the synthesis of glycogen. Therefore, you should ideally consume it around 20-30 minutes with your protein shake after the workout. This will enable you to get the most out of your workout as this is the time when Glutamine can be the most effective.
On your rest days, take Glutamine along with the last protein shake that you will consume in the day.
Lastly, there is no evidence that cycling of Glutamine will increase its efficiency. Hence, there is no point in Glutamine cycling.