Frequently Asked Questions:

All of Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique products are GLUTEN FREE. We cater for many LOW ALLERGY diets by having many options to suit your dietary needs. For example, we have seven, 100% natural proteins to choose from: Pea Protein, Carob Protein, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Rice Protein, Egg Protein and Soy Protein.

If you want the LOWEST ALLERGY protein, I would recommend Tony Sfeir’s 100% NATUREL Pea Protein Isolate. available in delicious French Vanilla, Swiss Choc or Natural flavours. It is Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, daily free and low salicylate protein.

I would recommend Designer Physique Pea Protein Isolate (available in NATURAL or French Vanilla, Swiss Choc Flavours.) The flavours are 100% natural also and should be safe for your food intolerance.

Designer Physique Pea Protein Isolate is Dairy free, Gluten free, Soy free, Animal product free and Low Salycilate and is one of the least allergen proteins available. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as well as containing a pH level of 7.5- thus making it the only known protein powder to be alkalizing. The flavours even taste brilliant in water. No artificial anything of course, in line with our entire range.

Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolates have negligible amounts of Salicylates; however it would be best for you to avoid these to be sure you remain at optimum health. Have you tested for a dairy intolerance also? This is a common ailment with people displaying these symptoms.

If you do NOT have a dairy intolerance then you CAN take both the WPC and the WPI in the Designer Physique range.

Pea would be my first choice for you despite this.

Other products I would recommend is Designer Physique ImmunoBoost – which contains 100% Natural L-Glutamine, which is an ‘essential’ food to help heal the gut and assist with food intolerance.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime, the bottom line is – balance!

Weight management is all about balance—balancing the number of calories you consume with the number of calories your body uses or “burns off” during exercise.
The best product for you is our Acetyl L-Carnitine (Lean Boost & Ladies Slim Lean). Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid the body uses to turn fat into energy. Take first thing in the morning or 30 minutes to 1 hour before your workout. Mix separately in Juice or water.

Protein powder and Immuno Boost L Glutamine would be ideal. Tony Sfeir’s has a range of proteins to suit everyone’s goals. All of our protein powders are 100% pure premium quality with no Artificial Flavours, Artificial Colours, Preservatives, Added Sugar or Sweeteners.
During intense training, Glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery. It could take up to 6 days for Glutamine levels to return to normal – and Glutamine plays a key role in protein synthesis. Studies have shown that L-Glutamine supplementation can minimize breakdown of muscle and improve protein metabolism.
After a workout is one of the best time to get protein and L Glutamine into the body so that the protein can be delivered to your muscles, to begin healing the “micro tears” (very small tears in the muscle tissue, caused by intense contraction of the muscle during workout) in the muscle.

Protein is a major building block in muscle building, remove it and muscle growth will slow to a crawl. Protein is not fattening.

For example, our Tony Sfeir’s Whey protein powder contains roughly 24 grams of protein per serving, 2 grams of carbs and is very low in fat at 2 gram. Add milk and you get more protein, very little extra fat, depending on the milk, and a bit more sugar.
Shakes post workout is ideal and very useful, we recommend everyone has protein as it is needed as soon as possible after a workout and nothing will be faster in getting to the muscles. Our Sports Protein however is higher in carbohydrates and sugars and more suited towards active individuals, sports people, endurance athletes and body builders interested in gaining lean muscle mass.

Dietary fibre is found in oats, breads, fruits and vegetables.

Fibre is made up of the indigestible parts or compounds of plants, which pass relatively unchanged through our stomach and intestines. Fibre is mainly a carbohydrate. The main role of fibre is to keep the digestive system healthy. If you are failing to meet your daily requirements then our Fibre Boost is perfect.

Our Fibre Boost is ground so finely, it gets into the smallest hard to reach pockets of the colon, ensuring a much more effective cleanse. It also has the ability to bulk to over 100 times its original density and is therefore an excellent source of natural fibre, essential to the promotion of digestive regularity. We also recommend you add a probiotic into your daily routine. Tony Sfeir’s Digestive Boost can restore digestive balance, helping to maintain a good ratio of beneficial bacteria, and making it difficult for harmful bacteria to survive.

Unlike popular whey protein powders, pea protein digests easily since it contains absolutely no lactose or glutens. That means no bloating! Pea protein is also naturally cholesterol and fat free. Pea is also free of animal protein and soy proteins. It is considered a “greener” product than animal-based whey.

Here is a recipe too:

The recipe makes approximately 4 muffins.

3/4 cup Gluten-free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats
2 Whole Eggs
2 Egg Whites
1 scoop Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique Swiss Chocolate Pea Protein
1 Banana
1/4 to 1/2 cup Rice, Almond, Hemp, or Coconut Milk

1. Mix all ingredients well in blender or Vitamix.
2. Pour mixture into muffin tins or baking cups.
3. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-18 minutes

You can put the protein into milk no higher than 60 degree Celsius. Or mix the protein up completely in the milk then warm the whole drink up afterwards.

Whilst we do endorse our products as safe and it is 100% food grade, with such things as pregnancy and or breastfeeding, it is always advisable to check with your GP before taking any supplements or embarking on any new diet, to ensure your own personal medical needs are being met.

As you are probably aware from looking at our website, products page, we have several protein powders available to assist with recovery as well as our boosters.

It is entirely up to your body and personal preference, a brief overview, is that Pea Protein is the option for people who want the Lactose free and Gluten free product or are Vegan.


WPC is great for training or weight loss, with a booster of L Carnitine for Muscle recovers.

WPI is great for training and weight loss with the added bonus it only contains 0.2% lactose so is virtually lactose free (it is a little more expensive than WPC)

For those elite athletes or people in serious training or for people looking to muscle mass we have our Sports range.

Soy Protein – Rice Protein – Vege protein (you can have a read about them on our website

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