If you are currently working out, or been around the gym long enough, you would have inevitably either heard of, or been doing, supersets with your weights. This is when you pair two different muscle groups together one after the other generally in between your reps.

Supersets are a perfect way to force the muscles to do more work in a lower amount of time and help boost your heart rate and keep it there. If you are like me you have probably been wondering at the best muscle pairings for maximum results.

As you go about your workout program, one of the top things that you must make sure you’re aiming to accomplish is to boost your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories all day long. Since fat loss does come down to how many calories you burn off versus how many calories you expend, the more you can tilt the scale towards the expenditure side of things, the faster your progress is going to go.

That said, there are some specific things that you can do with the way that you structure your workout program to ensure that you’re making the most of the metabolic spike you should be noticing.

By pairing selected exercises together, you can target a very large number of muscle groups total in the body, really increasing not only your calorie burn during the session, but the calorie burn you experience afterwards as well.


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Let’s have a quick peak at some of the top exercise pairings that you need to know about. Note that for each of these pairings you can either complete all reps of one exercise first and then move directly into the second, or you can choose to perform one rep of one movement and then proceed into a second rep of the next movement.

The first of the top exercise pairings to consider is a squat to a shoulder press. This works great if you perform squats holding a dumbbell at shoulder height because from there, you simply press directly overhead after each rep to move into the shoulder press movement.

Lunges To Bicep Curl

The next pairing to try out is the lunge into bicep curl. With this one you’ll take one step forward to move into the lunge position and upon rising back up to the start, perform a curl with the dumbbells you’re holding.

Note that you will have to use a lighter weight for the lunge to accommodate the dumbbell curl, so consider taking your reps slightly higher for this exercise.

Deadlift To Bent Over Row

The next exercise pairing to consider is the deadlift into a bent over row. This is a perfect pairing for really hitting the back of the body and creating a look that gets you noticed.

To perform it, perform one rep of the deadlift movement and as soon as you reach the bent over position again, pull the weight directly upwards executing a bent over row. Remember to keep the back flat while doing so to prevent the development of back pain.

Plank To Mountain Climbers

Finally, the last pairing which will really hit the core muscles extensively is the plank into mountain climbers. Mountain climbers are one of the best calorie burning movements out there and will really increase your heart rate just like running sprints would do.

Alternating this with the plank exercise for total core support and development will further help push your muscles to the limit and get you closer to getting a chiselled midsection.

So next time you’re looking for something new to try out with your workout program, consider these exercise pairings. They’ll definitely help you take your progress to the next level.

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