Have you been trying to lose weight over a long time without any success? Do you start all sorts of fad diets only to give up on them within a short while? If your eating habits are characterized by periods of deprivation followed by binges then you are unlikely to lose any weight at all.

Even if you do lose weight in the short term thanks to a strict diet, you will quickly put it back on once you resume your normal eating habits. You are in fact more likely to put on lots more weight than you lost because your metabolism has slowed down due to the frequent deprivation of food. Your health and your good looks will also suffer as a result of this yo-yo dieting.

The most likely reason for this behavior is that you use food as an emotional crutch whenever you are badly stressed. Therefore the best way to start on your weight loss journey is to do some serious thinking about your emotional eating patterns first. Arm yourself with information about your habits, once you start to recognize the destructive patterns that control your eating you can start to tackle them one by one.

It is a good idea to start a diary or food and exercise journal to help you maintain motivation and hold you accountable. Most people find that they avoid excess food or eating the wrong thing when they know they have to write it down. Record the food intake, the amount of exercise and your emotional state, this will help you to gain control over your food habits and may help you to stay on schedule.


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Having 6-7 meals/snacks per day will increase your metabolic rate and keep you from going hungry, therefore helping you avoid the temptation of picking up the wrong foods when you are too hungry to care.

Becoming more active helps in more ways then one, firstly there is less time to think about food. Secondly the endorphins released by the body during vigorous exercise gives a feeling of euphoria that lasts for a long time, helping to eliminate feeling blue and combating the need for emotional eating.

An exercise buddy is another great way to stay motivated and keep on track. Making yourself accountable to someone else will give you a better chance of sticking to the program.

A sensible eating plan that can be followed by the whole family is the best way to stick with it, unreasonable expectations or difficult to prepare diets will have little chance of survival.

After sticking to a sensible eating plan you also deserve a day off, one treat once a week isn’t going to damage all your good work, in fact it is recommended.

These tips will ensure that binge eating will be a thing of the past.

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