Can a Vegan diet really provide you with enough protein to fuel your work out?

Can you get the same amount of protein from veggies as you would from a steak?

Can vegans really keep up with the meat eaters?

Veganism often comes under fire from the carnivorous crowd…

Most people just don’t understand how cutting out an entire food group can be good for your body.

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Meat eaters who work out regularly are often worried about adopting a vegan diet and there are always jokes thrown around the gym about the topic…

A lot of protein rich foods are made from animal produce so it’s understandable to worry where you’ll get your protein from if you adopt a vegan diet.

A recent study from EPIC-Oxford analyzed the benefits of a vegan diet and their findings were quite varied as Jack Norris from explains here:

“People not familiar with vegan nutrition often assume it is terribly hard to get enough protein on a vegan diet, and that’s if they even think there is any protein in plant foods at all (how they think vegans survive is an interesting question, though many of them probably don’t think we do).

On the other hand, once “educated”, most vegans have the opposite view, considering it impossible for someone not to get enough protein on a vegan diet.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

It’s easy to get enough protein on a vegan diet if you eat multiple servings of high-lysine foods (legumes, seitan, amaranth, quinoa, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds) each day.

But there are many vegans who are probably not eating enough high-lysine foods.

Vegans who do not eat enough calories to maintain their weight also need to pay special attention to making sure they are getting enough protein.”

Reference :

Vegan Facts

Results of a study at Loma Linda University…

What this study shows is that diet is an individual choice.

Your gym results are not affected by whether or not you eat meat.

They are affected by whether or not your diet is varied and healthy.

There are more meat free protein sources available than you probably realise and in fact it is probably much easier to get your “protein fix” as a vegan.

Protein is not all lean meat and omelets…

In fact beans, legumes and nuts provide more protein than some types of meat.

At the end of the day a vegan diet is just like any other diet when it comes to your health…

If it’s well balanced and in moderation you’re going to be just fine.

But you probably already knew that didn’t you ;-)