Tony Sfeir, director and producer of Australian owned Designer Physique 100% Naturel Foods, agrees regulation of the promotion of diet products has been well overdue.

The regulations are necessary to stop unscrupulous companies from taking advantage of people desperately looking for answers to losing weight.

Tony agrees there is an urgent need for action from government to help overcome the steady increase in obesity in Australia, with the cost in treating associated diseases like diabetes costing the country millions in health care.

“With many causes to obesity, a well balanced diet is only part of the story.” Tony maintains ‘fad’ diets can sometimes work short term, but unless the attitude of the mind is addressed along with a sensible exercise regime, diet plans will not be successful for any length of time.

“Dieting causes a slowing of the metabolism, leading to an increase in weight – not a loss. Meals and dietary supplements should be tailored to suit each individuals needs and changes made to suit the lifestyle.


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Regular exercise is another aspect, but there are often overlooked emotional causes for an individual to develop obesity. This obsession with the bathroom scales adds frustration and depression to the mental anxiety that led to the original weight problem.”

Tony knows intimately how the attitude of the mind can lead to obesity. At 23 he was well on the way to international body building success when struck down for years with a debilitating digestive disorder. After discovering that many supplements and foods on the market contain artificial additives and other digestive irritants, he released his own brand of premium quality natural foods in 2000.

Tony maintains, ‘It is too overwhelming to make massive changes all at once.” With consumer education a key part of Designer Physique’s philosophy Tony wrote ‘Weight Loss and Health Secrets You Should Know – But Don’t’, a free 79 page e-book available at this website. This includes a 7 day meal plan, many simple recipes, plus invaluable information on the principles behind good nutrition and leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

As an adjunct to this Tony created the Unleash Your Energy – Weight Loss and Health System DVD Program, a 12 week online coaching program plus a series of online and live seminars to help everyone understand the strategies for effective weight loss.

As a responsible manufacturer and producer for the weight loss industry, Tony welcomes any positive changes to the promotion of diet products to help consumers make informed choices for better health.

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