One of the realities of modern life is that we are surrounded by toxins in the very air we breathe and the food and water we consume. The body tends to store these toxins which naturally cause a whole lot of health problems ranging from immunity related ailments to cancer.

Detoxification is therefore a very necessary activity because it removes a whole host of toxins from the body, thereby helping the body work its repair mechanisms better.

Rapid Detox Methods:

There are many different ways of doing detoxification. This makes it possible for you to select one method that works best for your body type and your specific lifestyle.

Water fasting is a very extreme form of detoxification this is where a person consumes only water for a specific duration of time.

This form of fasting causes the body’s fat deposits to be burned very quickly in order to provide energy, and causes the release of toxins into the system that are eventually eliminated.


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Another way to get rid of toxins is to go on a juice fast. This involves the consumption of only fresh fruit juices. Here too, the body will metabolize fat but it also gets high doses of antioxidants that are necessary to help the body function better.

Juice fasting also helps to make the digestive system stronger since it helps the liver function more effectively.

You should be warned that these methods can only be done by a person who is extremely fit. They should also be done in conjunction with methods that aid in the elimination of waste so that the toxic substances do not remain in the system for too long.

The longer they remain in the system the greater will be the stress they cause to the system in the form on nausea, headaches and body aches. Enemas are the best way to eliminate these toxic substances after detoxification.

You could also try out a sea salt flush in order to get your elimination system working properly. You need to dissolve 2 teaspoons of sea salt in approximately a liter of water. This solution has to be drunk on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Make sure that you do not have a busy day planned that day because you will need to be near a toilet. This is a very effective method of flushing your bowels out very quickly and you will feel very light and cleansed after it is completed.

Another great way to detoxify your-self is to do a dry sauna. The heat of the sauna increases the body heat and also the metabolic rate. The body is therefore able to eliminate a lot of waste through perspiration and the increased metabolic rate also helps in the reduction of weight.

You will feel very healthy when you detoxify yourself regularly because your body will not have to deal with the burden of carrying lots of toxins. This is probably the best way of giving your body the help required to take care of itself.

Did you know Many recent medical reports link diseases to an unhealthy colon which forms 80% of the immune system.

Detox your body, cleanse your colon and optimize your digestion for optimal health, energy and well being.

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