Nicky Watene and Che Henare started a weight-loss challenge in June 10. They encouraged 34 ladies in their local community to jump on board and get serious about a healthier way of life. In a bid to keep costs low, the ladies began to search for experts who would aid them in this challenge for a nominal cost. Nicky and Che where successful. Soon Personal Trainers offered bootcamps, discounted RPM classes, zumba and other activities. Their local community hall offered the use of their facilities for training, and weigh-ins on Saturdays. Today Tonight picked up the story and ran with it. Why? The fact is that 62% of adult Australians are overweight so this is an issue very real to our country right now.

Many in this group had come from a line of overweight or obese parents, some participants had already experienced heart attacks, some were already classified as obese. They were determined to stop this NOW so, with the desire and reasons to change their lifestyles clear, they wanted to be a shining example to themselves; their friends; and very importantly to their families, especially to their children.

The girls trained hard. They were zumba-ing with The Zumba Queen, pumping, jumping, running hills, spinning and dragon boat racing… you name it, they were doing it! Half way through the challenge they hit a plateau and realised something was missing. It was then that The Zumba Queen – Chadissa Whale, sugested they call the team at Designer Physique for samples of 100% natural protein powder. This is the only protein The Zumba Queen recommends as she herself experiences the common side effects of headaches and bloating from other proteins containing artificial nasties.

Nicky called and Tony Sfeir, CEO of Designer Physique got behind the group 100%. Tony immediately set up a nutritional seminar which 20 girls chose to attend. It was music to their ears. Tony taught them how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and that “food is not the enemy”!! They loved it!! The group had asked for samples but Tony gave each of the 34 participants 2 x 750g tubs of his latest 100% natural whey protein in Swiss Chocolate and French Vanilla. This assisted in speeding their metabolism, kept them full between meals, removed sugar cravings, increased energy and gave them an easy to mix, great tasting ready to drink meal replacement or supplement anytime of the day by just adding water! The testimonies came flying in as soon as the girls got home and tried it!!

Jodie: Hi Tony, just finished taking your seminar with the Coomera 8 Week Challenge..thank you so so so much for empowering me with knowledge in how to combat my struggle against weight and helping me to understand my relationship with food and how it all assists with my training.. so awesome thank you:)… Jodie:oh just had choc with soya milk. This s like having a real chocolate fix but its all goooooddddd for us. Whoever thought it could feel like we’re having our favourite milkshake at Wendys or something!!! I’ve found a new addiction and it’s actually nutritional…


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Laine: Can’t get enough of the shakes, thank you thank you Designer Physique for the goodies, encouragement, support and empowering us all!!!! Your Swiss Chocolate shake has cured my chocolate addiction. Loving it, have to hide it from my kids now because they think it’s chocolate milo….lol. that’s how good it is!!! The shakes are a part of my life now and I will have to get a tub for my kids too because they really love it. You know the shakes really saved me in this challenge and Tony’s seminar gave me better insight with my eating which has been a lifestyle change. I couldn’t thank you enough for introducing this to us!

Niki: Man I’m totally loving the shakes,, talk about YUM! My fav is vanilla, banana, with water, …whats your favs peps, I wanna make and try it!

Designer Physique protein helped smash the sugar cravings out the window! Mixed in water it really accelerated their weight loss by drinking it as a snack or they used it as a meal. We offered online coaching and mentorship to the ladies in the area of food diaries as well.

This group started together and finished together! They supported each other when the chips were down and rode the wave when the tide was high. Their presentation evening was held on Sat 14th August 2010 with Today Tonight in tow to seal the deal. Tears and emotions were flowing as you would expect. Weight loss is a journey and everyone has their own challenges. These girls learnt so much about themselves, the support they had for each other and surprisingly (they thought) found support form local businesses – people they didn’t even know!

The most important thing they realised as they came through this challenge is that it was not about comparing results with anyone else. What was, and is imprtant, is that a lifestyle choice and change is made. They chose LIFE now and it certainly showed. They were radiant on that Sat night. Stunning in their gowns they graced the floor with slimmer, healthier figures. The life that shone from each and every one of them was worth the effort and then some!

Every single one of the ladies is a winner in the eyes of the Designer Physique team. Most people quit. Not these ladies; they hung in there and ran across the finish line with bright smiles on their faces, and some tears 🙂 Now armed with the knowledge and experience of a short term goal, they are gathering troupes for their next challenge which starts in three weeks time. Celebrating their much deserved success today, they continue on the road to health and longevity. Maintaining their exercises now and ordering an array from the Designer Physique range, they now understand nutrition is 80% in achieving their ideal figure.

28 ladies lost a total of 136.5kg and more importantly, 986.6cm from their bodies. These ladies melted the fat by increasing their metabolism; and had fun doing it!! The team at Designer Physique, their trainers, families and all people who were a part of their journey have so much respect for these women. Designer Physique continues to support them in their weight loss goals.

Prizes were donated for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place determined by the Personal Trainers.

1st Place: Che Henare – 12 week online training course from Designer Physique valued at $1,800.00

2nd Plade: Nicky Wanoa – 6 month gym membership


3rd place: Jodie Tamari – 1 night stay at Q1 in Surfers Paradise

Every person who competed the challenge is a winner. We know you have made it a lifestyle!!

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Choose LIFE


More Testimonials:

Faith: Thank you heaps from me too. It was AWESOME AND MOTIVATING!

Nicky: OMG I just tried the new Designer Physique Swiss Choc Protein with 250ml ice cubes and half a banana… HEAVEN!! THIS is my new choc fix AND I have to get it in my head it’s actually GOOD for me!!

THANK U Tony and Vashte!

Che: Loving the Swiss Choc Protein and French Vanilla from Designer Physique! Delicious! I had porridge this morning, made that with water then put in microvave, then mixed it up with the vanilla shake, then added a couple of peaches! YUM

Jodie: Followed the 3 meals ie carb, protein and vege with shakes in between and killed my trainings! Had really good energy and must say did not have any cravings first day down and it felt awesome… strong mind strong body… Thank you so much for the help and information! I’m so so so excited as my food has fallen into place and I’m already not craving, for me it was almost a whole day of 3 meals with shakes that I noticed the difference and my trains were totally off the hook with good strength I’m so so excited for sure!

Rose: I am so enjoying my Designer Physique whey protein shakes and my body is transforming slowly.. My 14yr old son is a dancer who has a sore shoulder from his 9hrs dance training he does out of school hours and I have given him some, its all natural and he loves it, wants to take the same amounts a day as me.. feel the benefits… awesome! I emailed Vasthe for the ebook and DVD and I found her email response very inspiring! I am on my roll again … INSPIRED VERY MUCH Tony Sfeir’s Designer Physique protein shake – Yum enjoying it!!… There is a grand prize to the person who loses the most by 14th August – Tony donated his 12 week coaching program worth $1,800.00

Faith: I had the vanilla with light milk and blueberries…. soooo good I felt guilty for liking it so much!

Krissy: I tried it today with water, ice, strawberries and banana in the blender. Beauty! Is it really good for you if it tastes that good!!!! lol….

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