Anyone who’s had children knows that with all the happiness those little bundles of joy can bring you, they can bring many other not so joyous things too.

Stinky nappies are on the top of my list!

Not to mention, the countless sleepless nights, the constant fatigue, the poor eating habits because you’re usually too tired to cook and you figure a couple bites of their baby food will get you through until dinner (we’ve all tried that at least once). There’s more, but one of the biggest struggles is trying to lose that stubborn baby weight.

After a little while, things start settling down, or we just get used to the new struggles and we decide it’s time to workout again.

While this sounds like a great idea, and it is. If this is your first time working out with a child in the house you’re in for a treat.


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If you put on a workout video you’ll soon find they think it’s dancing time.

Your whole workout usually consists of trying not to step on your kid!

Then some of you might make a barrier for yourself or put the child in a playpen.

This will usually end up in crying and screaming because in their eyes you’re allowed to dance and play but they are not. Whaaaa!

Well, all of those ideas are no fun, so why not incorporate them into your workout instead.

Think about how strong your arms get just from picking them up all day. Why not use them to strengthen other muscles as well.

They can become natural weights, and they love it! To kids, it’s more playtime, but to you, it’s an awesome workout. There are tons of different exercises you can try, but here’s just a few to get you started.



Front carrier squats are great for the legs and the core.


Lower-Body Toning: Front-Carrier Squats

Stand with your baby in a front carrier. If you don’t own a carrier then hold your baby securely facing your chest. Put your feet just past your shoulders, toes turned out slightly. Inhale and lower your body down like you are sitting in an imaginary chair, your weight should be over your heels, keep your navel pulled in and your tail-bone pointed to the floor. Exhale and return to start. Because most people start squats with no added weight. Take it slow at first. Try three sets of four or five at first. After about a week, or as soon as you feel comfortable with this exercise then aim for three sets of 12.





There’s no excuse to not do these ones…

Baby Lunges

While pushing the stroller or holding your baby securely or in a front carrier, take a big step forward and bend your legs to 90 degrees into a lunge position. Because the weight (baby) is in the front, be sure to keep your abs pulled in tight so as not to hurt your lower back. Watch the front knee so it doesn’t go over the front toes. Do these every time you go for a walk and you’ll be looking fit fast.

Glute Bridge Lifts


These are easy to do while bubs is feeling cuddly.

This is a great, functional exercise, and one that is really fun with a baby. The basic glute bridge lift is simple, just lay on your back, have your baby sit on your stomach, and with your knees bent, lift your hips up slowly in the air. Lower down and lift again!






Kids love this one…

Baby Weighted Leg Lifts

Whew, talk about a good leg exercise. Lie on your back and lay the baby on her tummy on the top of your lower legs bent at 90 degrees. Holding on to the baby’s hands, drop your heels down toward your glutes and lift up again. Depending on the size of your little one, this can start burning fast!

Leg Extensions


Leg extensions are a great exercise for bigger muscle groups.

This is a great exercise and kids love it! Sit on a park bench with baby sitting on one shin or on top of the foot. Holding her hands, lift you leg straight up to work the quad. Bouncy!