Do you dread the approach of winter every year because of the various illnesses that you and your family suffer from? Are you all laid down by the flu or colds when you should be out enjoying yourself?

The fact is most people do not look after their health sufficiently and suffer from low immunity as a result. They are therefore susceptible to every flu bug that is in the air during winter, and these nasty little bugs multiply and spread when the weather gets cold.

You should work towards protecting yourself from illness this winter by boosting your Immune system first.

One of the first things you have to do is improve your diet to include lots of fruits and vegetables. These foods contain large numbers of vitamins and enzymes that are essential to build immunity.

You should also consider increasing the amount of lean protein you eat every day. Apart from the fact that protein contains essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins which are essential for the immune system, it also replaces carbohydrates in your diet.


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Look for high protein – low fat combinations of foods so that you do not put on too much weight.

You do need to eat carbohydrates but should keep them within reasonable limits and should also avoid refined ones that add no nutritional value. Sugars have a very bad effect on immunity so should be limited but a treat now and again is fine.

Your diet should also include low fat dairy products because of the calcium and protein they contain. Beans and whole grains are also great sources of fiber and proteins and should therefore be eaten in adequate quantities.

Removing toxins from your body also helps build your immunity so make sure you drink plenty of water.  Choose water over carbonated (fizzy) drinks or ones high in caffeine.  Keep in mind caffeine is terrible for your immune system because it dehydrates your body. 

Here’s a handy tip, try and keep water handy when you are doing any work and so that you can drink it regularly.

Exercising often is another important way of building immunity and keeping cold and flus away. It increases your metabolic rate and also improves your blood circulation. This helps distribute nutrients throughout the body and also helps remove toxins.

So try and do at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday to keep your body healthy and free of common ailments.

While on the subject of exercise, it is important to say that you should also get plenty of rest. Do not deprive yourself of a minimum 7 to 7 1/2 hours of sleep every night because this helps your body repair itself so it functions properly.

These lifestyle changes will go a long way towards keeping you free from the weather related illnesses that you normally suffer from every winter. Coincidentally, you will also look better because you feel better and your skin will also look radiant and young if you take good care of your health.

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