I’m sure you’ve been told before that egg’s not good for you because it is high in cholesterol which can make you gain weight. Some even theorize that it can lead to certain conditions like heart disease. But that‘s not entirely true. Eggs are good sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals. In children, they are essential for strong and healthy development. Taken in moderation, they can even help you lose weight. Here’s how.

  • Low fat content – An egg contains about five grams of fat. It is well within the ideal fat intake of persons trying to lose weight, which should be around 33 to 58 grams.
  • Low calorie content – A hard boiled egg only has 78 calories, which makes it ideal for persons who are trying to limit their calorie intake to 1,500. Note however, that you should be able to burn more calories than what you consume so you can effectively lose weight.
  • Complete protein – It contains all the eight essential amino acids. It makes you feel full and helps you avoid eating between meals. Ideally, it should be eaten during breakfast so it can help reduce your calorie intake throughout the day. It can also maintain more lean muscle mass, which is essential for long-term weight loss and maintenance.
  • Leucine – Eggs contain leucine, which is an essential amino acid. Leucine helps reduce body weight and loss of lean tissue when you diet. It also helps stabilize blood glucose levels and promote body fat. It helps in speeding up your body’s metabolism. It likewise regulates muscle protein synthesis by reducing the consumption of complex carbohydrates and helping burn body fat. As an effect, hunger cravings are controlled.
  • Anti-oxidants – It contains the anti-oxidants zeaxanthin and lutein. Apart from helping you reduce weight, these anti-oxidants also help reduce cataract and age-related macular degeneration.

How to Handle It

Some reminders though. An egg is not a magical formula that can help you lose weight in an instant. Here are some things to bear in mind when making it part of your weight loss plan:

  • Make it part of your high-fiber diet. Eat it with fruits and whole wheat toasts. Fibre digests slowly which helps control your appetite.
  • Make it part of your low-fat and low-calorie diet plan.
  • For your afternoon snack, eat it hard boiled. You can also chop it and add it to your salad so you can have a filling meal minus the fat and calorie overload.
  • It’s best to eat it boiled or poached. Scrambling or frying it would result to additional fats that could defeat your goal to lose weight.
  • If you don’t want it boiled, you may opt to just eat liquid egg whites to get your much needed protein minus the fat or cholesterol.
  • Eat it with unsweetened orange juice so you can maximize its iron contents.
  • The theory of limiting your intake to a few eggs each week has been abandoned but it never hurts to eat everything in moderation.

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