Love it or loathe it, activewear is taking over Australia.

Work out clothes are now no longer reserved for the gym. Walk through any suburban mall and you’ll see hundreds of women (and the occasional metro bloke…) shopping or brunching dressed head to toe in Lorna or Lulu.

Is there a correct time and place for active-wear?

Should you really be wearing something so clingy and revealing on the school run or something so loud and bright when you pop into the office?


There’s plenty of memes surrounding activewear…


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Sure there are some places that are still active-wear free (funerals, weddings, high school formals…) but every other aspect or our lives are being taken over by this spandex monster.

Australian citizens are even turning up for court wearing running shorts and vests covered in swooshes.

Active-wear is great for working out and looking good in the gym. Modern active-wear has come a long way from sweaty nylon shell suits or shapeless jersey pants.

Fabrics are now developed to be sweat resistant and to help maintain your core body temperature so you can focus on your work out.

And we love that there are now brands catering especially for women’s needs and making them feel fabulous.

There is no denying that some brands have really nailed the crossover between fashion and function. Active-wear is now comfortable and really handy for those days when you just have to pop out (and can’t be bothered to get styled up) or hang out with the kids.

But what happened to style and formality?

Is the Australian active-wear obsession just further proof that we’re getting lazier and standards are falling?

Are we really setting our children a good example by not even bothering to wear clothing that requires buttons?

Although active-wear is designed and manufactured for active use not many wearers are really being that active…

Let’s be honest…

Although active-wear enthusiasts look like they’re heading to a spin class after finishing their morning Pilates, the truth is most of us have just starting throwing on tights before taking the kids to Maccas or picking up the groceries…

If active-wear is not being worn for being active why are we wearing it?

It seems odd that so many people would choose to wear clothing made for such a specific purpose.

You wouldn’t wear your work uniform outside of working hours so why wear your gym kit out of the gym?

Gotta love Kath and Kel rocking their activewear...

Gotta love Kath and Kel rocking their activewear…

However there are of course active-wear brands that create some really amazing and good quality apparel. You only have to scroll through Instagram to see that there’s some awesome yoga fashion out there.

But does everyone really look as good as the models on social media?

Many of us do… Many of us do not…

At the end of the day, as long as you are happy with the way you are dressed does it really matter?

We don’t really think so.

But many people do…

When people who legitimately work hard on their bodies and like to show them off, get lumped in the same category as people who don active-wear to wait outside Centrelink puffing on ciggies, you have to expect a little confrontation…

But who’s to say who’s allowed to wear it and who isn’t?

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