Becoming a parent changes your life.

It changes the way you think, the way you live and most importantly the way you work out.

One of the biggest problems facing modern mums is how much their work out routine changes once there is a tiny one in tow.

As a parent you always want to be in good shape and set a healthy example for you kids but finding the time and energy for your work out can become tough.

Here are 5 signs your mummy duties are destroying your gym time:



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#1. The gym is taking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1,000,000,000th place in your schedule.


Pre kids the gym was probably your number one priority.

Now as a parent new things pop up every day that seem to demand more attention than you ever thought possible to give.

Who knew that finding matching socks for your toddlers tumble time class would feel so important?

Don’t be surprised if you find your gym sessions start to take a backseat to all the various activities you start to pick up with your kids.

And don’t worry if you start to not feel bad about missing gym sessions. With everything else going on in your life ‘tomorrow’ is a perfectly reasonable date in your diary….


#2. Early morning work outs are now out of the question. 


If you’re getting up early you may as well exercise early…


As a parent you are now used to 5am starts after a 3 hour sleep but the idea of working out early has become very unappealing…

Lie ins are like gold dust and there is never a good enough reason to disrupt much needed sleep.

Of course you could go for a run after you’ve put your bub to bed…

But do you really want to use up the sacred wine and Netflix hour before they inevitably wake up again?


#3. Weight training has been replaced.


An amazing side effect of a baby is how much muscle tone you begin to build…

This is thanks to the never ending stream of heavy plastic baby equipment you seem to constantly be lifting and the fact that no matter how expensive your buggy is your toddler will still demand to be carried 6 days out of 7.

You might start to feel that you no longer need a weight training work out at the gym…


#4. Balancing a budget suddenly becomes a work out in itself…



Don’t let becoming a mum ruin your activewear style…

Priorities change quickly and you’ll be surprised at how expensive your pre parenting life starts to look…

$20 for a yoga class?

Think how many Huggies that is!

The urge to splurge on activewear also becomes non existent when you have so many other things on your shopping list.

So even when you do make it to the gym it’s unlikely you’ll ever look as stylish as you used to…

You won’t be the only one though, tired mums in jersey jog pants take up at least 50% of all cross

Remember it’s not what you look like it’s your work out that counts!


#5. Your diet has taken a bit of a down turn.


Don’t listen to nutrition experts…

Everybody under ten loves a chicken nugget and no matter how well you teach your child there will always be someone who’ll introduce them to Maccas.

So inevitably you will end up eating a lot leftover fast food alongside your green smoothies and egg white omelettes.


Unfortunately there is no sugar coating it…

Having a child does affect your gym time big time!

However there is no reason to let all of these excuses destroy your overall fitness.

If you learn to manage your time and lifestyle carefully you should be able to fit at least a half hour work out into your 24 hour day.

Being healthy is all about creating balance so don’t worry about having a lazy morning…

Just make up for it a with an active afternoon!

And don’t forget how much energy kids have…

There is no reason why you can’t get them involved in your work out too!



Let us know your tips for training with kids in the comments below…

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