As you go about your workout program, one exercise that needs to be included is the squat. The squat is an excellent exercise to do, as a “compound exercise” it’s going to hit the glutes, hamstrings, calves as well as the quads, lower back and stabilizer muscles, and burn up a whole lot of calories while you’re at it.

In terms of exercises this is the “crème de la crème” when you’re looking for an efficient, compound, lower body exercise that will give you results. That said, there are some people who for whatever reason simply can’t do the squat.

Let’s have a look at four of the alternate exercise that you could do to target the glutes rather than adding the squat to your workout routine.

The Split Squat:

The split squat is our first good alternative and is a perfect choice as it’s going to help to work the same muscles the squat did and actually call the core into play as well to a larger extent as it keeps you fully balanced as you go about the activity.

Furthermore, the split squat is ideal for anyone who is working out with a set of dumbbells and at home as that’s all you’ll need to complete the movement pattern. Be sure to perform an even number of reps on both sides to create good muscular balance.


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The Romanian Deadlift:

The second exercise that you can add to the routine is the Romanian deadlift. This variety is ideal for those who struggle to get the weight up to their shoulders to squat because of the fact that they just aren’t strong enough in their upper body.

The Romanian deadlift is also a perfect movement for those who want to build lower body power as it will help to challenge the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Be sure to keep the back in a flat position as you execute it to prevent lower back pain.

The Leg Press:

For those who are looking for a very similar movement pattern to the squat, the leg press is a great solution. The leg press can be performed with a variety of different foot positions on the pad in front of you, which will then change the angle of stress placed on the muscles. This will help you target the hamstrings or quads effectively and ensure you’re feeling it at all times.

When doing the leg press, make sure that you keep the back pressed flat against the back pad at all times in order to see best results and never lock your knees.

The leg press will not challenge your stabilizer muscles but will work your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quads and part of your calves.

The Step-Ups:

Finally, another glute workout that you can add into the program is the step-up. Step-ups are an ideal at-home movement as they can be done on a step or bench with a simple set of dumbbells held down by your sides. Just be sure that you are stepping up onto a stable surface however as if you step up onto a surface that’s slightly cushioned or off balance, it may increase the chance of injury.

So there you have it. Nothing can replace the squat however, if you have no other choice and want to work your lower body; these are the top alternatives to doing the squat. Add these into your workout program and you’ll still make significant leg strengthening gains and improve the way your lower body looks.


Each of the exercises described have their own specific technique which we have not covered in this article. Please maker sure that you are familiar with each exercise or consult a fitness professional before attempting.

Disclaimer: We recommend you consult your Doctor before starting any type of exercise or diet routine. Always listen to your body, if you feel pain, STOP, if pain persists see your Doctor.

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