Mothers are the most caring people we have in our lives. They brighten our gloomy days and ease the pain in our most troubled times. But our mothers are not wonder woman. They need good health and proper nutrition at different stages of their life to keep fit and healthy.

In order to enhance their health and increase their immunity against illness, it is important to make sure that all mothers practice healthy habits in eating and taking the required health supplements.

Lively 20s

They are still young to be mothers. They are trying to balance the responsibilities of taking care of their kids and doing various household chores. Aside from these responsibilities, some of them are working mums.

Healthy Habits


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  • Add foods that can give high energy like cereals because their activities require more energy to use.

  • It is highly recommended to consume good qualities of lean proteins that include eggs, chicken, fish, milk, pulses and curds to make you energized throughout a busy a day.

Healthy Supplement Advisory

  • Take a basic multivitamin to maintain energy to do many tasks throughout the day.

  • A tablet of Vitamin C everyday can give protection against viral infections and colds and coughs

Active 30s:

These mothers are so active spending everyday monitoring and planning about their young children’s daily schedule.

Healthy Habits

  • To save more time spend in cooking while eating the same nutritious meal, eat one dish meal that contains proteins, carbohydrates, and fiber. We have good options like fada khichdi or dal dhokli with buttermilk.

  • Do several regular exercises to be in good shape such as walking and swimming.

  • Maintain consumption of good quality proteins such as chicken, eggs, fish, or dairy products in both main meals to prevent muscle loss due to too much stress and activity.

Healthy Supplement Advisory

  • A tablet of Vitamin C everyday can give protection against viral infections and colds and coughs
  • Start taking an Omega-3 fatty acid capsule or flaxseed oil capsule, or fish oil capsule to counter the formation of free radicals in the body. This will protect the body against different kinds of inflammatory diseases.

Phenomenal 40s

In this stage a woman gets closer to menopause. A woman experiences different kinds of hormonal changes and alteration in weight. Throughout this period of time, frequent mood swings and also emotional stress are encountered.

Healthy Habits

  • To reduce their risk of metabolic syndrome eat antioxidant-rich red and yellow of vegetables and vegetables including nuts like almonds and walnuts regularly to make sure a fair intake of good quality fats.

  • Eat milk, curd, green leafy vegetables, okra and broccoli in order to meet the adequate amount of calcium needed.

Healthy Supplement Advisory

  • Take a good quality multivitamin, Omega 3 fatty acid capsule and vitamin C supplements.

  • Take Coenzyme Q10, an anti-aging vitamin which is necessary to replenish after age thirty five years.

  • Calcium supplement with K-27 plus Vitamin D3 to meet sufficient calcium for stronger bones.

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