Everyone knows of the power of the incredible edible egg.

What has been less commonly known is the great benefits to using egg whites in a powdered form as a protein supplement.

While the idea of eggwhite protein powder has been around for some time, other forms of protein powder like whey and soy have seemed to absorbed most of the spotlight in the fitness world.

When you really stop and think about it for a second, it seems a bit obvious that egg whites would make a great protein powder with extended benefits beyond just protein.

There are tonnes of commonly known facts about eggs that point out their health benefits and advantages of regular consumption, but just to really drive in my point, I’ll give you my top three.


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1) Quality

All nutrients that make up a balanced diet are necessary at some point in the scheme of things, but it’s not enough to simply consume various chemicals, synthesised substances and processed forms supplements all the time.

If vitamins and supplements were truly all that the body needed, then we would just sit down to dinner at a table with an assortment of vitamin tablets and powdered beverages.

While – of course, it’s great to supplement with these types of things, real food is still that vital ‘X’ factor in what makes it all work.

Egg white protein powder is not so much of a laboratory derivative or synthesised form of protein, but in fact, just a dehydrated form of a naturally occurring food source that has been a staple of healthy eating and sufficient protein since before history was able to keep track of it.

Eggs are chemically structured in such a way that the body can easily and naturally access.

The fact that eggs are a real and natural food source also comes with the added benefit of other nutritional elements that come with it like vitamins A and E, which are often void in a whey or soy protein powder which is rigid in its focus on protein alone.

Eggs have a high and natural quality of protein, which is better than just protein for the sake of protein.

2) Range

Many protein supplements are good for some but have drawbacks for others.

For instance, males should not consume too much soy, therefore a male on a heavy protein regimen would find himself in a bit of a conflict with using soy.

Whey, on the other hand, is not a good solution for someone who is lactose intolerant.

Egg protein is beneficial across the board, and as long as it was made to a high standard of quality like this product, there are no real side effects to using it regularly.

pea protein pancakes

pancakes with egg white protein just add topping


3 ) Versatility

Many protein powder products out there don’t naturally taste very good, so they are often pumped full of sweeteners, artificial flavourings, and chemicals which one can only imagine is probably not the healthiest thing in the world.

Egg powder, on the other hand, is virtually flavourless.

As a flavourless substance that works well as a bonding agent in countless recipes from crepes and pastries to omelettes and savoury dishes, so you can find ways to incorporate it into many contexts.

It can be integrated into normal everyday cooking so that you don’t have to feel like your constantly eating at a laboratory, or needing sugars and sweeteners to mask the taste.

With egg powder, you have a supplement and an ingredient in one.


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