Endurance training is the best way to push your body and to see amazing results. A good work out always needs to be supported by a good diet.

When endurance training it is important to look after your body. Your diet should include all the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Studies show athletes who pay close attention to their diets perform to a much better.

It can be easy to pick up bad habits. Many of us are guilty of eating habits that don’t help our work out or give us enough energy for endurance training.

Here are our top 3 eating habits to avoid when endurance training:




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Avoiding breakfast

omelette breakfast

An omelette is a great breakfast choice

You’ve heard it before but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When endurance training you need to start the day at your physical best, this means starting with all the right nutrients

you need for the day.

Eating a good breakfast raises the body’s energy levels, balances out your glucose levels and raises your muscles glycogen stores. A nutritious meal to start the day is the best way to fight muscle fatigue, tiredness and falling sugar levels.

We recommend a varied breakfast which combines the essential nutrients without being too filling. Try to include the following elements in your breakfast:

Protein – You could get this from eggs, fish, lean meat of from a supplement powder added to a smoothie if you are looking for a less heavy option.

Carbohydrates – You can get this from whole grain breads, oats or cereals.

Vitamins and minerals – Smoothies are a quick and easy if you are on the go, check your some great endurance boosting recipes here! If smoothies aren’t your thing try to eat two portions of fresh fruit at breakfast.

Under no circumstances should you start an endurance training session on an empty stomach.


Eating too little

Weight loss is all about limiting calorie intake. Endurance training is about using calories correctly. When endurance training it is important to ensure you are eating enough of the right food. Your body uses food as a fuel, for a tough work out you need as much fuel as possible.

Getting the right amount of each food is important. Protein will help to build and maintain muscles as well as protecting muscles form strain and injury. Carbohydrates are needed for energy and to help bulk up muscle tone. And fat supplies half the energy for your body. Just make sure it is good fats you are consuming.

Never start a work out unless you are fully prepared. Endurance training without the right diet is like taking a road trip without any fuel. You will get nowhere.


Not getting enough fibre


Apples are full of fibre

Fibre is essential for good health. The daily recommendation is around 20-35 grams a day but anyone endurance training will need at least 30 grams to keep up energy levels. Unlike other carbohydrates fibre provides no calories and helps to absorb and neutralise toxins meaning there are few negatives. Fibre helps reduce body fat storage and slows digestion to keep you feeling full and focused on your work out.

For some fibre is hard to digest and causes uncomfortable bloating but it is an amazing fuel. Never cut something out because you don’t feel like it. There are always ways to add the right nutrients to your diet.


If you find fibre hard to digest try a fibre powder supplement added to your favourite smoothie or shake. This is a lot lighter on your stomach. Our top tip is to try snacking on apples, which are a

great fibre source between work out sessions.

For a great endurance work out always make sure you are in the right mind and that your body is at it’s best. Avoiding bad habits and creating great new ones will help you reach your goal.

What are your best tips to avoid bad habits when training? Let us know in the comments below….

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